Noted Presenters

Our forums have featured a rich spectrum of influential designers, scientists, and others doing critical work.

Design greats like A.E. Bye, Carol Franklin, Ian McHarg, Darrel Morrison, Leslie Sauer, and Jim Van Sweden have all spoken, as have noted practitioners Edward Blake, Jr., Cole Burrell, Kurt Culbertson, Alexander Felson, W. Gary Smith, and Nigel Dunnett and James Hitchmough.  Landscape historians like Charles Birnbaum and Elizabeth Barlow Rogers have presented as well.

NDAL has blazed trails by providing the design community with introductions to important scientific research. Steven Handel, Jean Marie Hartman, Tom Wessels, Gerould Wilhelm as well as biologist Charles Davis, paleoecologist Tom Webb, and ecologists Scott Meiners, William Niering, Emily Russell, and Eric Sanderson have all presented, often in sessions expressly modeling the integration of science and design.

“Thank you for filling that huge vacuum that has existed for years between landscape design and ecological restoration,” noted one attendee.

Pictured above: Christine Cook, Frank Egler, Carol Franklin, Arthur Joura, Stacy Levy, Dick Lighty, Ian McHarg, Jan McFarlan, Darrel Morrison (with Larry Weaner), Bill Niering, Fritz Steiner, Doug Tallamy.

Other past notable speakers include:

  • William Cullina (horticulturist and author)
  • Rick Darke (author and photographer)
  • Neil Diboll (nurseryman and meadow specialist)
  • Ken Druse (horticulturist and author)
  • Robert Grese (landscape architect and author)
  • Eric Groft (landscape architect)
  • John Kartesz (botanist)
  • Stacy Levy (artist)
  • Douglas Reed (landscape architect)
  • Ann Rhoads (botanist)
  • Sara Stein (author)
  • James van Sweden (landscape architect and author)

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