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  1. Your webinar today at 1:30 with Doug Tallamy was outstanding. I am a musician by profession but recently joined a gardening club since I moved from a fully prime forested piece of property to a property on a river also located in prime forest with some shrubbery and plantings from previous owner.The club is all about native plants and I am so inspired to create my property in to an area of natives only. It will take much learning as I am first even identifying what I have. Your presentation was so useful as a spring board to answers to questions I cannot even begin to ask. BUT…being a musician I immediately focused on the music prior to the webinar–being a jazz enthusiast I loved the composition I heard so my question is…is your music downloadable or do you have a CD of your compositions? I am not too technically savvy ( 88 keys and an acoustic bass are my realms of expertise) so will need guidance if I need to use computer etc. Thank you both for sharing your time and talent today. Silent Spring was one of my favorite books when it was written and still is–time for me to venture into new reading of all the references you made in your presentation today. Thanks, Sarah for your efficient management of the webinar. Until next time stay healthy everyone!! Sheila

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Sheila! We’re glad to hear that you enjoyed the presentation and Larry’s music. Right now you can find his composition Clarity in a Fog on his firm’s website here: Otherwise we are working on putting the rest of his music on that site as well. Stay tuned!

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