Thank you for a wonderful 30th annual symposium!

Creating a fresh and inspiring program year after year would not be possible without our outstanding attendees.

We would like to thank our cosponsors Morris Arboretum and Connecticut College, the staff of our venue hosts, the Larry Weaner Landscape Associates team, and of course our attendees. It has been an honor to see familiar faces each year and a thrill to see new ones!
We look forward to continuing the symposium tradition while pushing boundaries of the ecological landscape design conversation.


Photo by Bob Gutowski


Ecology-based Landscape Design: What Comes Next?

ndal2019rg-4Photo by Bob Gutowski

Larry Weaner discusses the path forward for NDAL and reflects on 30+ years of lessons from his own professional landscape practice.

ndal2019rg-25Photo by Bob Gutowski

Restoration ecologist Bill Young presents on natural regenerative processes from his experiences in the field.

Photo by Bob Gutowski

Conservation professional and professor Mickey Fearn discusses the crucial importance of understanding socio-cultural context and interdisciplinary issues to address questions of justice in the landscape field.

ndal2019rg-101Photo by Bob Gutowski

Alexa Bosse shares the results from a survey she conducted during her community-driven design work on a park in Philadelphia.


Photo by Bob Gutowski

Professional forager and wild food purveyor Tama Matsuoka Wong explains the benefits of ethical foraging in appreciating the landscape and creating delicious dishes.


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