NDAL’s newest team member!

NDAL welcomes its newest team member, Sara Weaner, who will assume the organization’s new position of executive director.

NDAL, traditionally an ecological landscape design organization dedicated to educational programming, is expanding its geographic and curricular range with the hire of its new executive director. After several years of experience with NDAL and Larry Weaner Landscape Associates in administrative and research positions, Sara will now work to coordinate and develop new programs for NDAL.

As a child, Sara learned about the names of trees in her suburban Pennsylvania neighborhood on walks with her dad, Larry. Her interest in the natural world and its relationships with humanity and culture has deepened over the course of her personal and academic life. She is now eager to share her knowledge both as an educator and researcher to contribute to NDAL’s mission.

NDAL’s programming focus of ecological landscape design will increasingly meet the disciplines of culture, the arts, ecoliteracy and socio-environmental justice as our new executive director works with the NDAL team. Events will engage professionals, the public, college students, and secondary and grade school students to address the most pressing and exciting needs of the landscape field.



Photo credits:

Above photo: Nick Novick

Below photo: Bob Gutowski

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